Luiz DeBarros is a South African filmmaker, writer and photographer.

He has an Honours degree in Drama and Film from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. He co-founded the digital Entertainment and Media company Underdog in 1993, through which he has directed a number of acclaimed and award winning documentary films. Chief among these are Metamorphosis, Death and By Night.

He has also written and directed a handful of short films. His film work has been screened at prestigious festivals in London, New York and Philadelphia and broadcast in Europe and North America. He is also recognised as a leader in the field of interactive and digital media in South Africa.

His experimental film work has been exhibited at the National Gallery (Cape Town) and the Fig Gallery in group exhibitions.

In the early nineties he edited the art-zines Lolita 17 and New Edge. In 2001, he collaborated with Nuno DaCruz on a video installation titled Contructivism.

Digitalizm is his first photographic exhibition. These images were produced over the space of three years - 2001 to 2003 - using a digital camera. They document Luiz's travels through South Africa, Johannesburg's clubbing culture as well as the subjects from his documentaries. A number of his nudes - guys - stand out as being more formal examples of portraiture.

Luiz continues to work as Creative Director and Executive Producer at Underdog, overseeing design and content work produced for print, television and interactive media. Recently he was an executive producer on the hit late- night show, Below the Belt.