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Name: Jonathan
Comments: WOW, nuff said.

Name: Michael
Comments: Hi Luiz. I like the range of your subject matter. The shots of Cleo are spot on (especially if you have the pleasure of knowing her!) Also, the more abstract photo's like 'reaching' are unintentionally (?) sublime. You can snap me anyday :-)

Name: Marck
Comments: Stunning pics... and the website's great too.

Name: Rudi
Comments: Hey Luiz. I'm impressed and inspired. Let us have more!

Name: Riccardo
Comments: Very nice pics. Would like pic of "Clinton in white light" 2002.

Name: Dori
Comments: hi, your exhib is fab! how much are you charging for prints?

Name: gerry moss
Comments: hey there from london!!! Your photos left me feeling wonderous! i will be traveling to south africa in september! my first trip. i cant wait for all the images to inspire me. great job and thank you for your eyes!

Name: Grant Davison
Comments: BRILLIANT!!

Name: Etienne
Comments or enquiry: Hi, t
he link to your website is being passed around here in the UK. I went and had a look last night. I really like your photos.. I think you have an eye for 'em good piccies. Great webdesign too.

Name: Winfried
Comments: Luiz. Had a look at your exhibition and would like to congratulate you. I liked the images of the guy in the red owl house, the elephant eye and the black and white silhouette of the guy on the beach. Good luck ahead.

Name: Emanuel
Comments: Hi Luiz,
Your images of the guys and that of the outdoors are amazing! Keep up the gr8 work. Continuacao de bom trabalho!!!

Name: Brent Q
Comments: Well done - there's a sad yearning in most of the portrait work, which I liked a lot. Best Image Snarl, Tucker on Beach, Red Owl (very Lynch) keep clicking.

Name: Tinus
Comments: Hi .... gooday .... well i like ur photo shot .... wanna find out .... if there is of this print that are for sale .... or something in that line ... Thnx !

Name: Jacques Botha
Comments: Hi Luiz. Just thought I'd let you know that I checked out your online exhibition.. Great stuff. Loved the stuff at The Owl House especially. Keep it going! Cheers.

Name: Malcolm
Comments: Stunning pics! Beautiful boys! Oliver is an older version of Christopher Atkins in Blue Lagoon.

Name: sheldon
Comments: cool site, cool shots. keep it up.


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