Two Moms (Co-Director)
48min Documentary 2004
Meet an ordinary family of extraordinary people (plus six dogs and four cats). This documentary profiles a lesbian couple and their two adopted children. It charts their daily life, as well as their historic struggle to legally adopt children. Screened at the 2005 San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.
Flush (Script / Director)
2 x 26min Documentary 2004
This 2 part compelling documentary examines the most private, taboo and yet most basic and universal of places: The Toilet. Flush explores, often tongue in cheek, the human condition via that most awkward of little rooms.
Below the Belt (Script / Exec Prod)
13 x 26min Variety Series 2003
An 'adult variety chat show' series with a difference. Hosted by the "world famous" Baroness Coral von Reefenhausen, Below the Belt is a cheeky show that takes an irreverent, fun, and risqué look at alternative sexuality in South Africa. recently broadcast in Australia.
By Night (Script / Director)
2 x 26min Documentary 2002
A documentary that takes an uncompromising snapshot of people that work at night, exploring the often-unseen lives that take place after dark and the people who live them.
Metamorphosis: The Remarkable Journey of Granny Lee (Director)
26min Documentary 2000
mETAMORPHOSIS explores the life of one of South Africa's most outrageous characters - the notorious Granny Lee. Born Leonard Du Plooy in 1919 to a mixed race family, he died a white women at the peak of apartheid in 1989. Broadcast in Canada and screened at festivals in North America and Europe.
Death (Script / Director)
2 x 52min Documentary 1997
Combining unique behind-the-scenes footage with an eclectic range of fascinating interviews, the award-winning Death is a gripping look at the most misunderstood and feared aspect of life. Winner of three 1998 Avanti awards, including a docunmetary 'gold'.

Hot legs (Script / Director)
30min short film 1995
A short film that revolves around Tim, a young gay doctor and his attempt to seek revenge on his high school tormentor, Dave. Selected for screening at the British Short Film Festival, Sydney Mardi Gras, the Austin Film Festival and Mix Brazil.

  Different Strokes (Director / Editor)
32min Documentary 1995
A short film that investigates the experiences, pleasures and fears surrounding the act of masturbation. Twelve people from various backgrounds confess all. Screened at various Film Festivals, it is funny, explicit and moving.
  Clubbing (Script / Director)
30min Short Film 1994
This short film takes place in a night in the life of nine 20-something friends in Johannesburg as They try, for one last time, to re-awaken their changing friendships.
  Point of View (Script / Director)
9min Short Film 1992
An abstract meandering insight into a young boys existence.
  Pretty Boys (Director)
30min Documentary 1991
Joburg's rent boys tell all in this award winning short documentary.