Luiz has considerable copywriting and scriptwriting experience, producing work for past clients such as LoveLife, Sasol TechnoX, Blue Ribbon and many others. Contracted through Praekelt since 2011, Luiz has been writing website and other online copy for Telkom Mobile, the South African mobile service provider.

Luiz has also written feature articles for a variety of publications such as SL Magazine, The Sunday Times Magazine, Big Screen, Film and TV Production Review (UK), Outright, New Edge, Screen Africa, Futurniture (Sweden),, the S.A Film Website and JHB Live. Below are some examples.


In The Pink
I’ll come right out and say it; I’ve never been a fan of pink. It’s a sissy-yucky-tacky-girly colour, and perhaps because I have no desire to be a walking stereotype, I’ve made a concerted effort to stay away from any related hue or shade. To me pink has always not been dissimilar to a fart in public – any hint of it and I’d gingerly, but discreetly, step away – eager not to be associated with either.
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Death To The Metrosexual!
Take a dip into the popular culture pool and you’ll soon be convinced that metrosexuals are the saviours of life as we know it. Thanks to straight men discovering the benefits of a good haircut, designer underwear and expensive eau de toilette, the economies of the world have found an eager new consumer market.
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Entertaining Crime
While swashbuckling buccaneers are no longer a threat on the open seas, a new kind of piracy has become a chilling concern, sure to strike fear in the hearts of men. These days it seems as though there’s a ‘media pirate’ under every bed, conspiring to undermine the very foundation of modern capitalist civilisation.
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Foxy Lady: An interview with Nicole Fox
(published on Mambaonline and in Stuffd Magazine - december 2004)

Nicole Fox, possibly the sexiest woman in South African radio, is waiting for me at a coffee shop in Melville. She’s smoking a cigarette and has managed to seat herself at a table that is so awkwardly placed I can barely squeeze into my chair. I wonder if this might be a sign that Nicole is a tad on the impenetrable side, but, thankfully, quite the opposite is true.
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Bored With Fashion: Dion Chang
(published on - September 2004)

Being viewed as a national fashion guru can be hard at the best of times. But you know that the role is becoming downright uncomfortable if you get annoyed when simply asked ‘what’s in’ for the season. Perhaps it’s a natural maturing or just too much of the same thing, but Dion Chang admits that he is bored with fashion. These days he’s re-positioning himself as a lifestyle consultant and social commentator and less of a fashion oracle. It allows him to take his work a little deeper than chintz and taffeta.
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